Lucy Farmer
Born in 1984, Melbourne, Australia.
Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.


Melbourne artist Lucy Farmer.

Lucy began her art career studying performance art at Victoria University. Learning to create and develop her artistic ideas using her body and voice showed Lucy the importance of creating art that acknowledges the audience’s presence (and therefore participation) in the work. Like a performer making eye contact with the audience, Lucy strives for that same connection and interaction between her paintings and the viewer.

During her Honours year for her Bachelor of Art in Performance Studies, painting became her dominant medium and the result was an exhibition and performance exploring the different ways an artist can lead their audience through the artwork experience.

While completing her Master of Fine Art at RMIT University, Lucy’s interest in creating an all encompassing experience for her audience continued. She painted oversized portraits that stared directly and blatantly at the viewer. ‘Pretty’ pictures were not her forte, her large-scale paintings were made on scrap, taped together paper and the cheapest acrylic paint available, with flimsy paper-mâché frames adding faux value to the works. Many of her portraits were painted as repeats or as mirror images of each other and hung in small spaces to overwhelm the viewer with their size and proximity.

Several solo exhibitions and performances later, Lucy paints with the highest artist-quality materials available. Beauty is now something she strives for with her all her paintings. Beauty that can draw you in, and then spit you back out just as easily.

Lucy loves working with her collectors to create commissioned artwork for their home or workplace. If you’d like to contact Lucy you can do so here.

Lucy is on Facebook, Instagram, PinterestTwitter, and Tumblr.